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 Lash Extensions By a Licensed Cosmetologist

You can choose from a range of semi-permanent lashes at Minky Lashes. Linh will ensure complete coverage with each individual lash extension and won't leave any natural lashes out during a session.

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Classic Set Of Eyelashes

During the session, one lash extension is adhered each natural lash. This natural look is perfect for those who have a lot of natural lashes but want to have a mascara effect.

2D Lashes Set

A blend of the classic and a 3D set, this enhances your eyes with a little volume. Two  lashes are applied to every single natural eyelash. It's great if you only want a slightly fuller look.

3D Lashes Set

Create three times more volume with the 3D set. Multiple lashes fanning 3 lashes  are applied to each natural eyelash with this technique.

Russian Volume 6D - 8D Lashes Set

This advanced application gives a boost to eyelash coverage and provides a soft, voluminous appearance. Between six and eight ultra-fine lashes are applied with a handmade fan to each natural eyelash. The fan are NOT premade. It's ideal for a bold, over-the-top look. This set doesn't feel heavy; you'll just have beautiful, fluffy eyelashes. Volume lashes are NOT to be confused with clusters or tabs lashes usually used in nails salons. This Russian set is difficult technique to learn and perform. There aren't many salons in Austin that currently offer volume lashes, but Linh does. This set create density and volume. The lashes can be brushes and will shed with your natural lash just like a classic lash extension. 

Extensions Refill

The Natural eyelash has a 60-90 days lifecycle. You must get refills every three to four weeks to replace those that fall or grow out. For more active clients (hot yoga, swimmers, or women with naturally oily skin) need to come in for refill a bit sooner (2 weeks) and some other clients who follow aftercare and wear little makeup can go for 3-4 weeks. Refills maintain continuous volume, length, and thickness.

  1. Price Lists

    Linh offer several eyelash extensions Set with 4 different design effects: cat eyes,  almond, wispies, and  natural. Before the appointment linh will listen to customer's requests and suggest the best, customized shape, volume and length for every clients. Linh choose lashes by thickness, color, curl and length to create desired volume effect. At Minky Lashes you're getting the best care and one on one attentions with Linh.

    Faux Mink Eyelashes Set:            

    Classic Full Set - $150

    2D Full Set - $170

    3D Glamour Full Set - $200

    6 - 8D  Dramatic Russian Full Set - $250

    Lashes Fills:              


    Faux Mink Fills at 3 Weeks:

    Classic fill: $55

    2D fill: $60

    3D fill: $70

    Russian Fill: $90



     Returning Clients receive $ 20 off on any full set.




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